Tote with edge binding

The standard bag style, with 0.7 cm edge binding the bag, e.g. Dintaifung, Krispy Kreme, JoJo bag

Tote with inner stitched seam

Boat-shaped bag, cylinder-shaped bag are with this seam, look stylish, e.g. Mos Burger, agnes B.
Automatic production can save the cost for large qty, comparing with hand sewing production.

Tote with double stitched seam

This kind of bag has the most tensile strengh, and is suitable to pack heavier product, although it cost higher. e.g. Eslite book store, Wind Lion Plaza, wine bag.

Drawstring bag

Drawstring bag noormally is sealed with inner stitched seam.
There are versatile options: with ruffle top, without top, drawstring backpack.
The bag is very common to be used as retailor's holiday promotional gift bags.
Large quantity can enjoy cost efficiency by automatic production while regular-quantiy order will be with hand-production.