Nonwoven polypropylene (P.P.) fabric:

  • Made of spun bond polypropylene which can be recycled, naturally decomposes or completely incinerates without any production of poisonous pollutant.
  • Nonwoven P.P. material properties: Non-toxic, no allergies to human bodies, water resistance, air permeability, fire resistance, soft, light in weight.
  • Tenacious, durable and can be reused many times.
  • Save trees, environmentally safe alternatives to plastic. green style statement.
  • Low mass production cost.
  • Design your own bag/packaging, can be any size, any patterns or logo, any bag style.
  • Branded bags have a greater reach, to boost your brand's profile .
  • Can be applied to shopping bags, trade fair promotion bag, agriculture industry product packaging, as well as family product protection with this material.
  • A wide range of stocked standard colours or in special dying for larger quantities.
  • Different weights from 40 - 120 gram per square meter ( gsm ). 80 gsm is most commonly used.
  • Available in a wide range of bag styles from tote bags, drawstring bags, cooler & thermo, to wine & bottle bags.

Cotton & Cotton Canvas fabric:

  • Natural material
  • Cotton: available with naturel cotton, bleached cotton, colored cotton,ecological cotton
  • Canvas: woven fabric that is tenacious, Fabric Weight: 6 oz, 8oz , 10oz and 12oz
  • Available in various bag styles, such as tote bag, drawstring bag

Polyester fabric ( Oxford fabric):

  • Synthetic fabric of plain or twill, or oxford weave.
  • The material might get its name from the term that defines the process, which is referred to as the Oxford weave.
  • Good durability, elastic, and breathable properties. It is soft and dries well. Abrasion and chemical agents resistant.
  • With polyurethane coating to have higher waterproof characteristics.
  • Used as shopping bag, cooler & thermo.

Nylon fabric:

  • Nylon is a synthetic fabric.
  • With " wash and wear" quality, Pilling resistance, durable, strong, soft and feel smooth to touch, somewhat UV resistant, does not float, mildew resistant, dries quickly.
  • Nylon is very sensitive to heat and should be washed and dried on cool settings.
  • Imprints on nylon have crisp edges and very little visible texture.
  • Nylon bag tend to be slightly pricier than non woven material, thus, only looking at lengthy: term brand impressions.
  • Can be a foldable bag as a gift for promotion, or back pack.