More of your presence      More love for our earth      More usage of eco bags

To achieve your marketing effectiveness and help our environment, Tien Yih is the expert, manufacturer and exporter for business packaging.

Our own factories were established in 1990 in Taiwan and China, and produce 17,000,000 bags yearly.
Being your one-stop bag supplier, we provide:

  • 1. designing custom-printed packaging bags pleasing to the eye
  • 2. make sample for your approval
  • 3. produce your orders with good quality
  • 4. carry inspections
  • 5. arrange timely shipments.
  • Our full service is at competitive factory price without hidden costs.

We meet food safety standards for Europe and US FDA certified with SGS reports. 
Many leading brands enjoy our services, our quality
, such as:
Starbucks, KFC, Mos Burgers, Din Tai Fung, Coco Cola, Evian, Ambassador hotel, Agnes b., Arnold Palmer, NET, Evernote, Hello Kitty, Eslite book stores, the top of world museum-Taiwan National Palace Museum.

Be your fruitful green partners, we and the whole happy employees,will be closely in cooperation with you toward your greater successes.