Q1. Minimum order quantity?

A1. Non woven / Cotton & Canvas / cooler &thermo: 5,000 pcs for hand production.
      10,000 pcs for automatic production Nylon / Oxford fabric: 10,000 pcs.

Q2. Sample and production lead time?

A2. free bag without printing for your size/ quality confirmation. Silkscreen printed sample 7~10 days upon receipt of artwork & deposit payment.
      Production lead time: 45~60 days upon sample approval

Q3. How to choose bag style / fabric for design?

A3. Just tell us which options you want for your unique shopping bag and box design, and your budget,
      You don't ever have to worry about your overseas shipping, we're your one-stop solution for your bag with our 20 experiences.

Q4. Any limitation for the size of the bags?

A4. All bag sizes are welcome, except there’s a few limitation for bag made with automatic production.

Q5. what is variation allowance for material & bag size ?

A5. Due to production nature, the fabric thickness could have +-10sgm variance, bag size could have +- 1 cm .

Q6. Paper bag? Think again! Non-woven shopping bags? Yes!

Characteristics Non-woven bag Paper bag
Water resistant Yes no
Load bearing 5-15 kgs
(depend on bag sealing)
around 2-3 kgs
Reusable Many times Once or very few
To promote business very well not good
innovation and ingenuity various bag styles and printing Limited bag styles and printing
Foldable & compact very compact size after folding Still bulky after folding
Environmental impact Non-toxic,
reduce to use plastic bags/paper bags 
. Very energy-intensive and chemical usage to produce
price ( for 10,000 pcs) around US$ 0.4 for automatic machine made bag depends

Q7. How to choose the best load bearing bag?

A7.Generally, our automatic-made bags can sustain 5 kgs load capacity.
      Tien Yih will offer our expertise to design the bag strong enough to sustain your products, and with the most economic price for you.

Q8. How long will the cooler keep your food cold for?

A8. Depends on the foods / outside temperature / thickness of cooling lining.
      For instance, the ice cream will maintain its cold temperatures within 1~2 hours if it is kept in the cooler.
      If you require a longer period of cooling, we'll offer our suggestion for the bag structure, or add ice packs.

Q9. what kind of artwork format will be workable for bag printing?

A9. ai, eps, or jpg will be preferable. Also, it'll be very helpful to communicate the color with Pantone number